We are gaining more and more understanding on how trauma is passed down through DNA in our epigenetics. Family Constellations can reveal these and help you make peace or change what you have inherited. Family Constellations can be a great way of looking at issues that have persisted in your life despite other types of therapy or feelings that you have that don’t make sense in your own lived experience. For example a person always makes sure they have food with them wherever they go and no matter how long they are away from the house for 10 minutes or 3 hours and no matter how many food outlets are available. This is often the experience of children or grandchildren born from the holocaust survivors, as then the reality was they didn’t know when they would next eat. Or the person that feels that they might harm their baby despite never having harmed anyone, when the family history was explored their grandmother accidentally burned the house down from a candle and her baby died. The granddaughter is feeling the fear her grandmother felt but never processed and recovered from. Family constellation issues may show up in relationships, health problems or money issues to name but a few.

I use Family Constellations in my 1-2-1 one therapy sessions along with my other skills and trainings, in a one-off therapy session, or in a workshop setting.

A one-off Family Constellation session is useful if you have a particular issue or dynamic you want to explore further. These sessions are 1 hour and are held online. The setup of these sessions is different to a normal therapy session. I will ask you some brief factual questions before starting the constellation. After the session it is suggested that you sit with the effects of the session for a little while, from weeks to months, to see the effect that it has on you before deciding whether you would like another session.

If you would like me to run a workshop for 6-12 people please get in touch.

If you are serious about making changes and are ready to look at what is holding you back contact me: 07990 812889 or info@hermionebrown.co.uk.


"Hermione has a talent for creating a contained safe space in which to explore the influences that come from the wider networks of our living family and our ancestors. It has confirmed for me that much of what I have struggled with in this life is not purely personal."

"I found the Family Constellations Workshop to be a unique, moving and profound experience."

"Though I wasn't the central 'storyteller' on this occasion, I felt honoured to play the various roles offered by the people who were, and moved by immersing myself in their story. The process of this embodied empathy also allowed me to access my own valuable personal insights."

"Hermione facilitated the workshop in a sensitive way that allowed me to feel held and yet safe to explore beyond my emotional comfort zone. The Constellations Workshop offered a tangible sense of how much personal growth can come from the insights offered and the moving way in which people’s experiences were so uniquely validated by others."

1-2-1 Sessions

"I just felt the need to thank you (profusely) for the family constellations therapy you gave me recently. It really is powerful stuff and there is no doubt something has shifted - and that was exactly what I needed. So thank you for training in it and delivering it so intuitively!"

Hermione Brown