First Session

In the first session I will do a comprehensive assessment to ensure I am the best therapist for you and that my approach is a good fit for what you want to achieve. If I feel that another therapy or therapist would work better for you then I will refer you on to a colleague who I believe will work better with you. This is because I want the best for you and that any time and money you spend on yourself best serves you.

If you are serious about making changes and are ready to look at what is holding you back contact me: 07990 812889 or

If you have sent me an email, please check your junk folder for a reply.


£75 Weekly Integrative Intuitive Psychotherapeutic Counselling, 60 Minutes.

These are weekly on-going sessions where we can really work in-depth to find the roots and origins of the issue you are dealing with.

You also have ongoing support as you make changes to your beliefs, behaviors and relationships.

It's important to make time to commit to these sessions to get the best out of them and to see the results in your life.

£95 Single Session Transformational Therapy or Family/Systemic Constellations, 75 minutes.

This is for you if you are clear on what the issue is that needs resolving but you need some help in releasing it.

If you know there is something wrong but you don't know what that is, SSTT can help you identify the issue so you can decide if and how to work with it. This might be another session of SSTT or weekly therapy.

Family/Systemic Constellations can help you identify release and heal family dynamics or issues that have been held in the family system and are being played out and repeated in your life.

My practice hours are

  • Mondays day time – on line
  • Tuesdays day time – Face to face in Hingham
  • Wednesdays day time – on line

Single session Transformational Therapy sessions can be arranged outside of these times.


Hingham Therapy Clinic
Norfolk NR9 4HN

Hermione Brown