To find out more about energy psychotherapy: Energy Psychotherapy Network Also: Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology

For research on energy psychotherapy: Energy Psychology Research

For some self-help exercises go to: Resources for Resilience There are exercises to help feelings of anxiety, shock, anger, confusion and upsetting memories.

To learn more about inherited trauma you can listen to this BBC Radio 4 programme:
BBC iconInherited Fear: BBC Radio 4 programme

Mark Wolynn, author of "It Didn’t Start With You", giving a talk on Family Constellations:
YouTube iconFamily Constellations: "It Didn't Start With You" by Mark Wolynn on YouTube


"It Didn't Start With You" by Mark Wolynn.
This is a great introduction to inherited trauma with exercises to help you think about your own inherited trauma.

Gabor Mate is an expert in trauma and his website has a wealth of information


"The body keeps the score" by Dr. Bessel van der Kolk

"How to do the work" by Dr. Nicole LePera

There are lots of studies that connect our diets with our mental and emotional health. For example a deficiency in vitamin B can cause depression, having dirty genes can also effect how we feel. The excellent book 'Dirty Genes' by Dr Ben Lynch explores this.

There are many 'mental health' issues that may be caused by nutritional imbalances the book 'The optimum nutrition bible' has some useful information on this. It may be useful to seek out a nutritionist to work with nutritional deficiencies.

This BBC Radio 4 programme explore how an unhappy childhood results in an unhealthy adult:

BBC iconUnhappy Child, Unhealthy Adult: BBC Radio 4 programme

"Scientists are now revealing that these stressful childhood experiences have a direct impact on our physical health, through their impact on the developing brain and the immune system." is an excellent resource if you are interested in working energetically to improve your health.

Brené Brown's book "Atlas of the Heart" is an excellent resource for exploring emotions, what they are and how to understand them.

On Instagram – the.holistic.psychologist is an excellent account with bite sized, easy to digest information about trauma, relationships & wellness

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